Looking for a job?

To quell some of my anxiety about recent instability in my industry, I decided to expand upon a job board link list that I’d created for someone a few months ago. I'm not on the job hunt just yet, but it would be good to have available should I need it. After I had it all pulled together and revised last evening, I decided to post it publicly in my journal as a resource.

Feel free to link to/share the post. I figured that all of the energy that I channeled into this coping skill project could benefit others too! *laughs* If it helps someone connect with an employment opportunity that they wouldn’t have encountered otherwise, that’s terrific!
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hello all

I've recently moved to Kenosha and would like to find more things to do in the area as well as people to go to clubs/shows in Milwaukee with. If I had to describe myself I'd say I was a mix of goth/hippie/nerdy/ and a 4 year old going on 31. I work as a vet tech which I adore, but I just can't find much to do with my free time and I'd love to meet new people in the area.
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Free Wine and Food

Hi all-

I work for a little florist in Union Grove and we're throwing a little fall bash to get the season started.  It should be fun and I figured people in this group might be interested in a little free wine, free food and live music.

The wine tasting should rock.  I think we have 9 varities to try and there all really good wines.

So here are the details:

Roseanne's Fall Bash
       Friday September 14
        4-8 P.M.
       -Free Wine Tasting
       -Store wide discounts
       -Seasonal Products
       -Live Music
       -50/50 Raffle to support Caledonia Leo's Club
Roseanne's Floral and Tanning
1818 S. Colony Ave  Union Grove, WI 53182
Lady Death

(no subject)

So... I see the community hasn't been active for awhile, but hey... I'll give it a shot.

I very recently moved to Kenosha from Madison, and am trying to find my way around. I'm hoping someone can point me in the direction of (in no particular order): a good vet for my kitties, a really good video store (bonus points if it has indie films and video games), an awesome book store, tasty chinese food, and a farmer's market or grocery store with organic goodies.

Also, if you have anything you could recommend for a tie-dyed, pregnant gamer to do in town, I'd appreciate it. : )

Harbor Marketplace

Yay! I'm the first poster!!

Don't know how many folks now about this. It's an excellent market. Lots of fresh produce and assorted arts (mostly jewelry). Nice to visit on a Saturday morning when the weather is still cool and the produce is un-mauled.
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