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cheddarcurtain's Journal

Signs of life in Kenosha/Racine
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Essentially, this community exists for discussions of anything Kenosha/Racine related. Think cityofmilwaukee, indiemilwaukee, chicagoland, or chicagochat, but on a smaller scale. With a 3 a.m. visit to Woodman’s.

Do you ever feel that 70% of your free time and gas are spent on I-94 traveling to Chicago or Milwaukee? You’re not alone.

This community springs out of a discussion in another community, as well as conversations I’ve had with other locals. While Kenosha and Racine have a much cheaper cost of living than the bigger metro areas to the north and south, they also lack many of the events and resources that might be found in a bigger city. Even when these things do exist, they’re not well promoted and fade away. So let’s talk up what we do have and share information to help build community! Give show dates for your band. Promote your rent party. Find other folks who might want to tabletop RPG at Kristi’s. Tout the new show at RTG. Ask where to find reliable child/eldercare. Start a bookclub/knitting group/revolution.

No rules except the usual…no spam, nothing wildly off-topic, and don’t be a troll.

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